I need to lock myself away. This is a really hard time for me. I am in desperate need of a job, thy I can handle with school work. This being broke is not a great feeling, I constantly have anxiety and to be honest I am just plain not happy. I know money doesn’t by happiness but having more than 10 dollars in my bank account does. It brings peace of mind that I can but groceries without having to ask my family to chip in, I mean they have done so much for me already, pay tuition my rent at an awesome off campus community and my gas and now I have to ask for them to pay for my groceries. I feel like such a failure and disappointment.

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To the friend who needs this most.You are one of those people.  I promise you that.

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"Ever since Frozen has come out, I’ve seen it 4 times. My happiness level has increased so much, even though it is the end of a stressful semester. I needed this movie. So much"